Ashish Agarwal

Senior Technology Executive

Strategy | Digital-Data-AI/ML | Engineering

Ashish Agarwal, a seasoned technology leader, skillfully applies his comprehensive skillset in Digital, Data, and Analytics to create compelling customer experiences and drive business growth. His unique approach blends institutional rigor with the agility and innovation typical of Fintechs.

Serving as the Global Head of Data, Analytics, and AI (CDAO) at Flutterwave, Ashish provides comprehensive oversight across all uses of enterprise-wide Data, Analytics and AI. Spearheading transformative strategic initiatives, Ashish leverages the potential of data, while ensuring responsible AI integration.

In his previous role as Head of Data (CDO) at LendingTree, Ashish led an enterprise wide Data/Analytics transformation, yielding millions of dollars in value. This not only showcases his skill in devising effective enterprise data strategies but also highlights his ability to create significant business impact, through innovative data products.

Earlier, at Ally Financial as the Head of Transformations and Engineering - Enterprise Data/Analytics and Digital, Ashish spearheaded digital channels innovation, modernization of the Digital/Data ecosystem, and forging influential Fintech partnerships. He played a pivotal role in building a successful engineering-centric organization and culture, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence.  

Ashish's early career contributions were equally impactful, particularly at Bank of America and Fidelity Information services. In these roles, he led the development of business-critical solutions for high-performance securities trading and customer facing platforms.

Ashish is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and enjoys uniting diverse perspectives and empowering cross-disciplinary teams to achieve transformative business outcomes.

Ashish holds an M.B.A from Georgia State University, M.S. in Computer Science from Kent State University, and is certified in Data Science/Machine Learning from UC Berkeley and Harvard University.